Student Mental Health

With increasing evidence that mental health has a significant impact on students’ learning, discovery, and citizenship, universities are responding to the new reality and more demanding expectations from students, parents, and society.

Within this section of the Dean of Students website, you will find links to the community of support on the U of A campus that are dedicated to supporting the mental well-being of students. 

Quick Contact Guide

If you or someone you know has concerns, these resources are a great place to start:  

Counselling & Clinical Services
2-600 SUB

Community Social Work Team

Peer Support Centre
2-707 SUB

Interfaith Chaplains Association

Sexual Assault Centre
2-705 SUB

University Health Centre
2-200 SUB

Edmonton Crisis Line

If there is risk of immediate harm to self or others contact 911 or U of A Protective Services at 780-492-5050.

Helping a friend or student in distress? 

Check out the 'How to Help' guide, developed specifically for those providing support to individuals on campus and to those who want to improve helping skills in general. 

Mental Wellness Programs

There are many programs on campus that support and promote mental well-being. Some of these programs include:

Furry Friends
Every month, friendly dogs are brought to campus for students to hang out and relax with. 

Drop-in Workshops
These casual, drop-in workshops focus on a mental health topic and provide real-world strategies to deal with it. 

Community Helpers Program
Leaders across campus learn some basic tools needed to help others in distress.

QPR Training
Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) is a certified suicide prevention and gatekeeper training program for our campus.

Unwind Your Mind
During exam season and throughout the year, activities to support students and help them de-stress are brought to libraries across campus. 

From the Dean of Students' Blog

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