New Student Group Policy in Development

Currently, University of Alberta student Groups are subject to the Student Groups Procedure which was adopted in 2014. 

The University is in the process of developing a new policy that aims to clarify the relationship between the University and student groups which, at its core, is grounded in shared values. If you’re in a student group, we want to hear from you!

The new policy emphasizes the University’s support for student groups and outlines the responsibilities of both the University and student groups in maintaining a safe, respectful, diverse, and inclusive campus environment.

Changes in the new policy include:

  • removing more detailed information regarding the application process for obtaining student group recognition so that up-to-date information can be hosted on the University’s website.
  • moving away from “registering” and “sanctioning or disciplining” groups.  Student groups will apply to enter into a  “recognition” agreement to receive a range of privileges and also commit to upholding the above mentioned responsibilities.
  • expectations that student groups will submit events for review so that the University can provide support to mitigate risks as well as provide access to the institutional liquor license and campus space booking.

Provide your feedback

If you would like to make suggestions during the policy development stage, please provide your comments here.