Hazing Workshop

 Hazed and Confused LogoOn March 2, 2012 the OSJA hosted a one day workshop in which University officials, athletes, fraternities, coaches and others worked together to find positive alternatives to hazing. We learned about the real effects of hazing (vs. the imagined benefits) and came up with activities that could build community in a real way as a replacement for the abusive and pervasive rituals that have passed for community builders in the past.

Our Guest Speakers

Dr. jay johnson is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Manitoba, and holds a doctoral degree in education, sociology and equity studies, a Master’s in Exercise Science, a B. Ed. with an emphasis on junior, intermediate and senior education, all from the University of Toronto, and a B.A. from the University of Guelph. jay has an extensive and interdisciplinary teaching background which has awarded him the opportunities to not only teach in diverse fields of education at the University as well as junior and high school levels, in addition to being involved in crafting, designing and implementing curriculum, designed to target those varying populations. jay’s current interdisciplinary research explores child labor issues and body fascism, doping knowledges of elite female triathletes, the impact of climatic change on our physical experiences and the interface of sport, physical activity and the environment. He has published extensively on issues regarding initiation and hazing practices in varsity sport, co-editing Making the Team: Inside the World of Sport Initiations and Hazing. He is also currently a co-investigator on a study examining the effects of body-based harassment on girls’ and boys’ body image and participation in physical activity. Dr. johnson serves as editor of The Journal of Sport, Physical Activity, Body and the Environment (JSPABE). He is a former wrestler and hockey player who can now be occasionally seen on a triathlon course as either a coach or a participant. He is an avid cyclist who is keen to make opportunities available for all to tap into the joy of being on two wheels.

Dave Westol is an alumnus of Michigan State University and the Detroit College of Law. He served as an assistant prosecuting attorney in Michigan for nine years, as CEO of his fraternity for 18 years, and now has his own consulting company headquartered in Carmel, Indiana.  He has spoken on hazing and related topics for over 25 years and has presented on over 390 campuses and at over 225 national fraternity and sorority events.  Dave was one of the original  members of the board of directors of HPO (HazingPrevention.org) and also serves on the board of AFLV--the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values.  In his spare time he is a high school football official.