Make A Positive Change

How do you move from a hazing culture to one that sets a positive tone? How can a group express its desirability without abusing its members? What can students, coaches, officials, administrators, advisors or parents do? Cultural expectations reinforce action, and when we begin to do things in a positive way, negative elements no longer are the norm. Breaking social norms and cycles of hazing is not impossible. Everyone needs to have a voice, be proactive, and get involved in creating a positive change. 

Making a Positive Change Video ImageMost of us are accustomed to a problem solving approach in which we identify the problem, brainstorm solutions, and come to some sort of consensus about how to change things. Appreciative Inquiry takes a different approach, and is especially effective in hazing interventions because it builds on the positive, rather than trying to punish or change the negative. The desired outcome is to preserve what is best about a group, team or organization by identifying it and finding ways to highlight it.

So what's next? One of the most promising ways to take the first steps toward change is Appreciative Inquiry.