National Panhellenic Council

The National Panhellenic Council (NPC) at the University of Alberta is a group of women elected to support and advocate recruitment of members, greek philanthropic events, and general issues concerning the greek community. The NPC is made up of officers from each chapter, as well as delegates who support all the decisions made. The Judicial Board serves to maintain an unbiased way of communicating issues brought upon to the Council, and allows for an efficient way of communication. The Council serves to maintain respect between the chapters through cooperation and collaboration.  

One of the main responsibilities of the NPC is recruitment. A two week-long process at the beginning of every school year in the fall, recruitment consists of house tours, chapter pride, philanthropy night, preference night, and finally bid day. Throughout these days, potential new members will visit each of the sorority houses to gain a better idea of what chapter is right for them.

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NPC hosts a few events each year such as Songfest, Badge Day potluck, and Planting with Panhel. Songfest is a singing competition between the greeks that occurs on the first day of Greek Week. Money raised during this event goes to support the Edmonton Women's Shelter (WINhouse). The Badge Day potluck is held every year to celebrate International Badge Day, which recognizes women throughout the world by wearing your Greek letters or badges. Planting with Panhel is a fun-filled day decorating flower pots with fellow members. Through these events, the Panhellenic Council sets to establish sisterly connections between members of different chapters.