Inter Fraternity Council

The InterFraternity Council (IFC) is the structural, judicial, and governing body for its member fraternities at the University of Alberta. They establish and coordinate educational programs, common recruitment activities, social events, and promote year round community service to Edmonton and surrounding communities. The IFC encourages all of its members to be strong, positive leaders and role models in all aspects of their lives. Also, the IFC acts as a liaison between its member fraternities, the University of Alberta, and the Edmonton community.

The IFC hosts at least two large inter-fraternal events throughout the year. The highlights of these include Greek God & Goddess (GG&G), and Greek Week. GG&G is a music and dance competition held in the fall semester; fraternities compete to demonstrate their musical abilities, their prowess on the dance floor, and sometimes their sense of humour. Greek Week is held in the winter semester, and involves a weeklong set of activities, competitions, and philanthropy that showcase all aspects of fraternity life.

All decisions of the IFC are made by the General Council: a meeting of representatives from each member fraternity that attend regularly scheduled biweekly meetings. These meetings are a time for all member fraternities to collaborate and discuss important fraternity issues. The meetings are crucial in maintaining bonds of friendship and respect between organizations. The IFC strives to create campus-wide camaraderie amongst all fraternities and their members.

For more information on the IFC, please contact the IFC president, Tommy Clark, at or the Dean of Students Office at You can connect with the IFC on Facebook or on Twitter.

U of A IFC Members

Alpha Psi
Delta Chi 
Delta Upsilon 
Kappa Sigma 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
Phi Delta Theta 
Phi Gamma Delta 
Pi Kappa Alpha 
Theta Chi