Greek Standards & Excellence Program

The Greek Standards & Excellence program is aimed at encouraging chapters and the Greek community within the University of Alberta to achieve higher standards, to showcase their accomplishments and to promote a positive image to the University and surrounding community.

Undergraduate students of the University of Alberta Greek community came together to create the program with facilitation provided by the Office of the Dean of Students. Their goal in designing the program was to:

  1. Provide guidance through establishing a set of expectations which best serve the Greek community
  2. Encourage continuous improvement and lessen cyclical regression
  3. Promote collaboration within the Greek community
  4. Encourage chapters to excel through positive competition
  5. Facilitate development of leadership skills and abilities
  6. Improve marketing and public relations by increasing exposure and providing a medium to document contributions to the University and greater community
  7. Provide a tool to allow formal recognition of high performing chapters
  8. Provide a tool to identify areas of weakness allowing better communication with their respective headquarters, chapter advisors and the University

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