Event Planning and Approval

Your student group needs to get approval for your event if:

  • it involves alcohol, travel and/or physical activity,
  • you are advertising under your group’s name, or
  • your executive team is working together and using group resources to plan it.

To start the approval process, create an event on BearsDen:

  1. Log into BearsDen.
  2. Go to your student group page (under your name in the top right hand corner, then "Involvement").
  3. Click on Events in the menu bar at the top.
  4. Click on the 'Create Event' button at the top of that page.
  5. Fill out the form and submit it by clicking the green "submit" button at the end.

If you can't see the 'Create Event button', you may not have the right permissions within your group. Ask your group executive to add you as an officer with full events access. You may also not yet be registered. Talk to Student Group Services about this by emailing clubs@su.ualberta.ca

If you don’t know where to start, you can check out the event planning pages on the Student Group Services website.

You can contact the Student Event Risk Management Coordinator for help at sgevents@ualberta.ca or 780-492-1396.