Student Groups

The University recognizes that participation in the activities of student groups is a beneficial aspect of the student experience. The University environment encourages the formation of different student groups. These groups may be defined in a variety of ways, according to:

  • a shared program of study, 
  • a commitment to service, 
  • a common activity, philosophy or background, or 
  • a particular perspective. 
When approving (or disapproving) a group’s application for registration, the University takes into account the group’s stated purposes, goals, activities, membership criteria, and other attributes. The University also recognizes its obligation to support the activities and regulate the conduct of student groups, for the benefit of the groups themselves and the University Community. When a student group, through registration, enters into a formal relationship with the University, responsibilities and benefits result for both.

Student Groups are registered and supported through Student Group Services and the Office of the Dean of Students. Student Group Services is a collaborative service provided by the University of Alberta, the Students' Union and the Graduate Students' Association.


BearsDen allows students to find and join clubs and student groups to plan their events, communicate with their membership, and advertise to the campus community.

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