Supporting Students Resource Guides

Our portfolio has developed several resource guides to help faculty and staff support students. 

How to Help - assisting a student in distress

University students experience a unique set of stressors throughout the year, and sometimes stress begins to affect their well-being. The "How To Help" framework provides steps for communicating care and support when assisting someone. For most, having someone to speak with and feel understood will be enough.

Where to Send Students for Academic SupportAcademic Support - where do you send students for academic help?

Academic help includes skills, resources, advice, and supports to improve, develop, or facilitate academic performance. All students develop their academic skills as they progress through their degrees and, ideally, should access available academic resources from the start.

Responding to a disclosure guideResponding to a disclosure of sexual assault

University personnel can be among the most trusted people in a student’s life and are often who students confide in after a sexual assault experience. Regardless of whether the experience was recent or historical, it is important that people receive a compassionate and supportive response to their disclosure.

Community Helpers and QPR Training Programs

Community Helpers Program

The Community Helpers Program builds on your natural helping ability with practical training in supportive listening and suicide prevention. 

QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) Training

QPR is a gatekeeper training that teaches the skills to recognize and support people who may be having thoughts of suicide. 

Online Student Resources

Student Mental Health Hub

A guide to the community supports and resources available to students on campus. In addition to the services and programs, strategies on dealing with a variety of issues, including relationships, anxiety, procrastination, and more. 

Quick Resource Guide

A quick listing of on and off campus resources for students, faculty, and staff seeking support or looking for support for another person.

My Mental Health

An overview for students through videos on how to check-in with your own mental health, the importance of connecting with others on campus, and how to contribute to the campus community.