Understanding and Dealing with Sexual Assault

The University of Alberta Sexual Assault Centre offers interactive workshops for students on sexual assault. Our workshops can be tailored specifically for your class and easily fit into either a fifty or eighty minute class period. We welcome the opportunity to fill a cancelled class or be a part of your day or evening class.

How Our Workshops Can Help

Being aware of the definition of sexual assault and the prevalent myths in our society decreases acceptance of sexual violence and increases understanding of sexual assault survivors’ experiences, thereby helping to prevent sexual assault. In our workshops, participants will:

  • Learn the definition of sexual assault and what constitutes consent
  • Discuss prevalent myths in our society regarding sexual assault
  • Acquire basic skills to support a survivor of sexual assault
  • Talk about non-traditional ways to prevent sexual assault
  • Learn about resources for those affected by sexual assault

To book a workshop, please contact the Sexual Assault Centre's Education Coordinator at 492-9856, or email edcoord@ualberta.ca.