Education Abroad Programs

At our session students will learn about all of the international opportunities available for U of A students through our Education Abroad Program for international study abroad, summer abroad, and work abroad opportunities. Several topics of interest to students will be covered:

STUDY ABROAD: Travel and earn credit. Spend a term or a year studying abroad while earning credit towards your U of A degree, at one of over one hundred partner exchange institutions. The vibrant adventures you will encounter while abroad will give you incredible advantages academically, professionally, and personally.

SUMMER ABROAD: What are you doing this summer? Take advantage of short term study abroad programs and earn credit while you travel. Explore new regions of the world with a summer program focused on cultural and/or language studies to exotic destinations like Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, France, Germany, Northern Ireland, South Korea, Africa, Japan, and Turkey!

WORK ABROAD: Gain international experience with a work, research, internship or volunteer opportunity abroad. International work and/or volunteer experience will give you a leading edge in a competitive and increasingly global society. Travel, work, earn credit, and gain the international experience your resume is looking for.

FUNDING ABROAD: Going abroad does not have to be costly! With the amount of tuition waiver awards and scholarships available to students participating on formal U of A programs abroad studying abroad can be affordable. Take advantage of the funding opportunities through the Education Abroad Program and help finance your journey abroad. You can't afford not to internationalize your degree!

Contact: Heather Kennedy-Plant