Council on Student Affairs (COSA)

The aim of Council is the betterment of the quality of student life at the University of Alberta. To this end, it

  • focuses on student life on campus, paying particular attention to the range and quality of student services programs in operation; (EXEC 06 NOV 2000) (GFC 27 NOV 2000)
  • on its own initiative or on referral by other agencies and individuals, acts as a forum for discussion of matters affecting the quality of student life; (EXEC 06 NOV 2000) (GFC 27 NOV 2000)
  • ensures communication and cooperation among all offices and organizations which provide services affecting students; (EXEC 06 NOV 2000) (GFC 27 NOV 2000)
  • upon the request of a sponsor or referral from GFC, considers program proposals which might affect or enhance the quality of student life, and provides appropriate advice to University administrators, student groups, and student governments; (EXEC 06 NOV 2000) (GFC 27 NOV 2000)
  • reports annually to GFC in September on its activities. (EXEC 06 NOV 2000) (GFC 27 NOV 2000) (EXEC 07 MAR 2011)

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