Alcohol-use Awareness

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Did you know?*

1. Most U of A students consume 0-4 drinks when they party or socialize
2. Most U of A student drink 4 times a month or less
3. Most (80%) of U of A student who choose to drink have 5 or more drinks in a one night, once a month or less

If you are a student that is curious about your drinking, Check Yourself is an easy and anonymous way to learn more about yourself and your drinking.

The tool takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete and you will receive a personalised report that tells you:

  • How much money you spent on alcohol in the last year
  • How your drinking compares to Canadian university students of the same sex and similar age
  • Whether you are at risk of health and social problems as a result of how much and how frequently you drink
  • Tips for a safe and sensible way to drink
  • How alcohol impacts the body
  • Where you can get help on-campus

Why should you do the Check Yourself tool?

  •  Lets you look at your drinking habits in private
  • Gives you information specific to your personal experiences
  • Allows you to decide if changes to your habits may benefit you

So, Check Yourself. Try it for yourself, and pass it along to your friends. 

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Program Coordinator: Jody Wolfe, School of Public Health, U of A 

Reports on Check Yourself and the Coalition for Action on High Risk Drinking can be found here.

*Source: 2011 Campus Experiences with Alcohol Survey. Sample: 1,170 U of A students.