Research and Scholarship Integrity Policy

The Research and Scholarship Integrity Policy applies to anyone engaging in research and other scholarly activities at the University of Alberta. For students, allegations are adjudicated through the procedures outlined in the COSB. Most importantly, the policy identifies nine fundamental principles of scholarship and research, as summarized below:

  1. Collect, report and analyze data honestly and scrupulously, and communicate findings accurately.
  2. Treat human and animal research participants with the utmost respect and care, including receiving approval from the appropriate Research Ethics Board (REB) for the research. See also the list of Research Conduct Policies on the VP Research website
  3. Appropriately acknowledge authorship, assistance and collaboration. Those who participated in a substantial way must be named; those who did not must not be named.  See also the Guidelines for Authorship in the Graduate Program Manual.
  4. All those named as author must be accountable for the contents of the publication or presentation and must approve of the final version of the work.
  5. Cite others’ work, writing, ideas, methods and data appropriately. See also COSB –  Plagiarism, Misrepresentation of Facts and the University of Alberta Intellectual Property Guidelines.
  6. Use unpublished material only with the permission of the authors and proper attribution. See also the University of Alberta Intellectual Property Guidelines.
  7. Use information received through confidential means only with permission.
  8. Comply with source regulations when accessing or using confidential information/materials (e.g., private archives or medical records).
  9. Avoid or minimize any possible conflicts of interest or conflicts of commitment. See also the University Conflict of Commitment and Conflict of Interest Policy.