Answer 8

NO, but it's a trick question!
You are misrepresenting facts by fabricating anything on your bibliography or any other assignment, for that matter. You are better off to head back to the library to find one more source to quote from than to be stuck with a zero on the paper or an F8 (Failure due to Inappropriate Academic Behavior) and a suspension. Refer to Section 30.3.6(4) in the Code of Student Behaviour (Misrepresentation of Facts) and also Section 30.3.2(2)e  (Cheating).

30.3.6(4)  Misrepresentation of Facts
: No Student shall misrepresent pertinent facts to any member of the University community for the purpose of obtaining academic or other advantage.  This includes such acts as the failure to provide pertinent information on an application for admission or the altering of an educational document/transcript.  (EXEC 04 MAY 2009)

30.3.2(2) Cheating: 30.3.2(2) e No Student shall submit in any course or program of study any academic writing, essay, thesis, report, project, assignment, presentation or poster containing a statement of fact known by the Student to be false or a reference to a source the Student knows to contain fabricated claims (unless acknowledged by the Student), or a fabricated reference to a source.

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