Academic Integrity Council

The Academic Integrity Council (AIC) is an advisory body created to advise Student Conduct and Accountability (SCA) about the best use of resources in promoting academic integrity and to give various people at the University of Alberta who have an interest in and/or responsibility for promoting academic integrity a place to meet and to potentially share resources or develop joint projects. The AIC is also a place for members to discuss emerging issues and brainstorm ways to address current and foreseeable challenges related to academic integrity.

The AIC is made up of students and instructors as well as representatives of a variety of University units, including the Faculties, libraries, Student Services, and the SCA. We try to recruit as diverse a group of people as we can and are always interested in adding interested parties. The AIC meets twice a year, once in the Fall term and once in Winter, although other meetings may be called if issues arise. If you think that the topic is something that would interest you and you would like to participate, send an email to and we can add you to the list of potential members.

For more information, see the Terms of Reference.