About Us

The Office of the Dean of Students plays an important role in defining and maintaining a healthy and respectful relationship between the University of Alberta and its students.

The Vice-Provost and Dean of Students is the University’s senior administrator responsible for providing a number of specialized support services to help students achieve success and reach their academic potential.

We’re here to facilitate a positive relationship between students, faculty and administration and to promote a respectful environment for all.  One of our roles is to provide assistance to students when needed as they develop relationships with: instructors,departments, faculty offices, the Office of the Registrar, residences – essentially anyone or any unit on campus.

The Office of the Dean of Students is responsible for providing and administering a number of services, collectively called University Student Services, to help students overcome barriers, deal with challenges that can arise, and make it possible for students to maximize their educational experience.

Report to the Community

Report to the Community Cover Page

Read the first-ever report to the community from the Office of the Dean of Students, released Spring 2016.